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Hl2 rules sever

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:56 am

Hl 2 rp sever rules
Welcome to are sever the rules will be in section from A-D
1. Plz do not RDM (combine only)
2.No metagaming
3. no joking about ddos or saying
5.NLR 3.min don't go back to your raid
6.when you raid /advert raid combine /advert raid home
7. going to the sewers are illegal
8.don't fail rp some of the admins might have fun ooc as fail rp but we just bord Smile  
1. plz ask for your flags.
2. don't fail rp
3. you can hold hostages
5. you can be a rebel but you have to know about the market and a rebel base
6. you can get in a street fight
7. you can try to kill a combine (if you are a rebel)  
8. you can drive cars but if you run over someone it rdm
9. if you see rebel leader or group plz report it to the cp
1. listen to your hire class and overwatch, administrator,etc
2.you enforce the laws that are made by the administrator
3. you can put Kos on civilians if they have done a something wrong  like murder
4.you need to spawn a Smg and other wepions like a pistol or buy from black market
5.you can stun stick but no stun stick abuse
6.you do /advert raid when you are in a raid for a house
7. you have to ask administrator to go in the sewers  /center]


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